Quick question for readers who conduct research with vertebrate animals.

We were gazing lovingly at the PharmBeagle this morning and got into a discussion that the beagle is on one of the primary model species for long-term toxicology studies required of drug companies by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Is there a comparative pharm/tox reason why do we not use squirrels, the arch enemy of the beagle?

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Maybe because they like to bite, as my Jack Russell discovered the first time he had a close encounter with one. Now he bites first. ;)

Believe me, it's not just beagles for whom the squirrel is an arch-enemy. I had a whippet mix once who actually chased them about eight feet up into one of the trees in my yard, startling the hell out of both the squirrels and me. My present Cocker Spaniel considers that they need constant vigilance and much barking, but she is, regrettably, useless at following them up into the trees.

Arch enemies of the two standard poodles that I've owned too... she will stand with her paws up the tree they've climbed for quite a while...but like the spaniel above she cant climb--not for lack of trying though!!

Beagles live longer than squirrels?

I'd work on creating a mutant squirrel that lives longer, but I fear the beagles would catch wind of it and there would be Dire Consequences if I couldn't make them understand I was on their side.

C'mon man, the real question is whether you can teach that beagle natural products pharmacology. Maybe with a series of Platonic dialogs?

By El Picador (not verified) on 05 Jan 2010 #permalink

d00d, I know more about natural products pharmacology than my human companion and blogger ever could hope to. If I could get my nails clipped (or taken out more for walks) so I wouldn't hit multiple keys, I'd be writing a book on how I teach him about flavonolignan biosynthesis!

You humans are so high and mighty, you think you can teach us every damn thing. Get over yourselves.

Dear Pharmbeagle--
I totally agree, these folks should just get over themselves. All I have to do is let folks pat my head and they feel better in minutes. My shrink master has to spend 50 minutes with them and they don't always feel better. I have it hands down over her, just imagine what I could do if I could speak human too.

Perhaps we could meet up some time and teach the world a few things!!

Psychpoodle aka Lola

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