Nature asks eight "experts" about Venter's prosthetic genome work

Men. Check.

White. Check.

Grey. Mostly. That dude must use color.

Beards. Only two. Maybe three. Aw, hell, Church's makes up for the rest.

Article here.

Ed Yong (Asian-British, man, young, dark hair, no beard) also lists a great wrap-up of the week's commentary on the work.

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just b/c they're old white dudes doesn't make them not experts

and just b/c ed wrote an article about it doesn't make him an expert

8 old white dudes and Woese not among them? That's just BORING. (Woese on Venter is HILARIOUS, always)

It's all about the beards. Doesn't matter the specialty - sociology (Durkheim), economics (Marx), psychology (Wundt), biology (Darwin)... I could go on, but I don't have to. So, only a couple of them are credible... amirite?

Aside from the beard, Church also deserves an award for his penetrating stare. If I were a gene faced with that look I'd give up my secrets too.

By Daniel J. Andrews (not verified) on 30 May 2010 #permalink