Hungry for Dessert? Talk to Lab Cat!

I had lunch today in downtown Philly with the wonderful and always-interesting Lab Cat. We ate at a restaurant whose philosophy seemed to be "why serve a reasonable portion of food when you can serve a GINORMOUS portion of food?!?!"

This is what Cat got when she ordered a piece of chocolate cake for dessert:

i-94bbe1ec66a89818eff735c83c1676a4-cake small.JPG

Use the fork as your scale. That's a normal-sized fork. That's NOT a normal-sized piece of cake. In fact, I wouldn't even call that a piece of cake. I'd call that a little cake-berg, calved off of some unfathomably large chocolate glacier. Cat ate a portion of it that amounted to a reasonable dessert, and you could barely tell she touched it. The remainder went home with her, to satisfy her sweet tooth for many a day. I hope she didn't strain her back carrying it home.

Here's another view:

i-51f394f5078b0d194bf9d30620f61383-cake2 small.JPG

I'm afraid the pictures don't quite do it justice.

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It's truly bizarre how huge the portions are in most places. And deserts! You could eat one for lunch - by itself - and have some left over.

The cake was yum. But I am going to have to freeze some of it and eat it over several months.

I didn't need dinner last night.

Yesterday was fun. Next time I'll come to Philly on a day that the restaurant we wanted to eat at is open. And bring the Zagat guide just in case.