Is this what Clinical Psychologists actually do?

i-cfb2d75391b20e36209fa59a0004a1fa-therapy-the-asylum-flash-game.jpgI'm a poor excuse for a psychologist. I have no idea, zero, ziltch, what clinical psychologists actually do on a day to day basis. I study vision - what do I need to know about the human psyche? I've never been anywhere even near a psych ward or a therapists office. Well unless I've walked by them unknowingly. I have a million and a half friends who are training to be clinicians and probably 1/3 of my friends parents are as well... but I still haven't been able to convince one of them to take me to the psych ward and observe. Promises have been made, "Come on Stacey! why won't you take me?! I swear I won't laugh or tell them to stop whining and suck it up! Pllleeeeease..." But alas no one will take me... There's hope though! Neatorama brought my attention to a Psychiatric Clinic simulator.

Check it out

The Asylum: Psychiatric Clinic for Abused Cuddly Toys is a cute 2004 Flash game (well, more like a point and click narrative) that lets you play therapist to troubled cuddly toys.
It's fun and easy, with cute characters and funny skits.

Gimme the keys, I think I'm ready to go to the psych ward! I am now fully trained and educated on proper clinical procedure.

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I too am a psychologist (experimental), but don't know much about clinical work. Our study in psychology may cover various topics and may not even overlap with clinical work, but we are, nevertheless, still psychologists.

I just don't mention it to random people because they immediately jump to the conclusion that I am analyzing them. Thanks Freud.

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