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Over spring break I headed down to Charleston, South Carolina for the week to enjoy some nice sunny weather and forget about school for a little while. What a beautiful and historic city! But it never ceases to surprise me how much some people continue to make fun of Yankees and hold onto their history - their horrible racist, sexist, bigoted history. One day while wandering through the open market looking at sweet grass baskets we stumbled on 'The Confederate Store' or whatever it was called. It had everything confederate, flags, money, racist figurines, pictures, uniforms, etc. I'm not sure it's really comparable but it's a little bit like if the Germans still displayed little statues of Jews with exaggerated features in a store celebrating their time under Hitler. To be fair it did have a handful of Yankee history stuff - but only because they were involved in the war as well ;)

In any case here are some pictures from the store and some other cool stuff from Charleston.

charleston 006

charleston 005

charleston 004

charleston 003

And here's some non confederate pics from my travels:

Charleston 001

charleston 012

charleston 011

You can see the rest right here.

I also think Shelley holds a deep seated resentment toward me because she was born below the Mason Dixon Line and I was born above.

Shelley edit: Steve, I corrected about 90 grammar errors in this post. Don't they teach you Reeding and Riting in Yankeeville?

Steve edit: Wow Shelley ur so great!! I think you're just mad I didn't use the word Ya'll or however you spell that in the post.


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I realise this has nothing whatsoever to do with anything, but...

People who can't get the distinction between "thou" and "thee" (and when to use which form) should be prohibited from trying. Yes, they're both pronouns, but "thou" is equivalent to "I" and "thee" is equivalent to "me." (You can't use the second-person plural to demonstrate this grammatical nitpickery, because both forms are the same.)

Thou wouldst-be writers of archaic speech wouldst not say "me went to the store" unless thou wert an ill-educated loser, so why must thou perpetrate abominations like "if thee sprinkle" on the world? Cease and desist, lest I track thee down and smite thee...

By Interrobang (not verified) on 28 Mar 2008 #permalink

Hey now! I live in Charleston. Be careful not to fall into the typical "all southerners are racist inbred idiots" trap.

While we do have members of the above group (as illustrated by that douchebag shop), so does everyone. I've lived in a number of different states and stupidity knows no geographical boundaries.

Had I known you were coming I could have pointed you to the good spots to hit. Or at least the good restaurants. I'm a big food whore/snob and Charleston has some of the best restaurants in the South.

Steve, the War of Northern Aggression ain't over yet.

And I contend that rural Pennsylvannia is a lot more Southern than Dallas. :P

I'm constantly amused and disgusted that the same people who constantly advocate blind patriotism and the "war on terra", are the same people who celebrate treason and terroristic actions that killed over half a million people

By Wicky Woo (not verified) on 28 Mar 2008 #permalink

I think it was William Faulkner who said something like,
"In the south, the past is not dead. It's not even past."

Steve: I'm a midwesterner through-and-through, but I've always thought that y'all is a perfectly cromulent word (or should be, as should cromulent and embiggen). I find it useful for distinguish the plural second person from the singular, since they have unfortunately been lumped together in English. "You guys" seems to offend many women (though I think the meaning of "guy" is moving slowly towards "generic human being with no gender specified"), though "y'all" seems to generate weird looks from midwesterners.

Last semester, my real analysis class was taught be a very respected senior professor UIUC, who once said "ain't" in class. As I walked out of class that day, I heard a student say "I can't believe he said `ain't'" Remember bigotry cuts both ways.

I didn't mean to group all you southern rednecks together ;)

whew! I keep my redneckitude separate from those other Popular Front of Judea... I mean rednecks.

I'm surprised that a student at UIUC realized that Ain't ain't a word.

By John Smithton (not verified) on 28 Mar 2008 #permalink

I still prefer the Charleston manners of Hey how ya'll doing today. I also like the Sweetie, Ma'am and Sir you get when visiting anywhere in Charleston. The Confederate Store is owned,by the by A SC state Senator. But, dearest Steve don't lump all southerners together as rednecks, because a redneck drives a pickup, with a gun rack and usually a deer on the front. I am pretty sure you didn't see many of those whilst you were on the beach or downtown, after all, we are southerners in Charleston and we do have manners. So, you be sur to 'mon back to Charleston, sit yo' self down have mo' swee tea. (and yes I know I left the t of sweet, as is the gullah way of speakin.)

John Smithton: Well, to be fair, the student is from California. Interestingly, the Prof. is also from California.