New Scientist Returns As Festival Media Partner, Bringing Excitement For Curious Minds!

New Scientist, the world's most-read science and technology weekly, returns to the Festival as a key Media Partner, once again greatly enhancing our ability to reach out globally to the growing number of ultra-inquisitive Festival fans who just can't get enough insight into science's new and emerging frontiers!

Known as the magazine for "people who ask why"New Scientist, with its solid team of writers and experts, brings a comprehensive and inquisitive approach to reporting on a wide array fast-developing and futuristic developments in science and technology --from space, technology and the environment to medical technology and health policy.

What's more, the publication enjoys robust readership among scientists and non-scientist decision makers alike, as well as among average laypersons interested in keeping abreast of the latest in technology.

USA Science  Engineering Festival Sponsor New Scientist"Our global network of news correspondent specialists for our print and online editions provides up-to-date coverage of science and technology in ways not found elsewhere," says Michael Reilly, Senior Technology Editor of New Scientist. "Science and technology today -- ranging from the planets of our solar system to the computers we use and the technology-related decisions made in Washington -- play such a crucial role in virtually all aspects of our lives," he says. "New Scientist prides itself in covering it all with depth and a sense of wonder that not only informs but challenges and inspires our readers."

Michael adds: "New Scientist is just as curious about the topics it covers as our readers are! Our readers love that about us and respond in positive ways, which is why we are especially excited again about interacting with the inquisitive crowds that frequent the Festival."

As a Media Partner, the award-winning publication will be bringing its trademark expertise and reader-friendly attitude to the Festival's finale Expo this April 24-27 in Washington, DC.

Always on the cutting edge, New Scientist -- first published in print in 1956 and online since 1996 -- commands a loyal following among its readers. The publication has: a readership of more than 855,000 science enthusiasts worldwide, and 2.3 million monthly unique users on its site; 200,000+ breaking news followers on Twitter; 49 million YouTube views, and more than 64,000 YouTube subscribers; not to mention the numerous readers of its highly popular New Scientists Book Series based on the publication's Last Word column.

In its diverse range news coverage, New Scientist has received numerous awards for journalistic excellence. These include: Best News Item and Best Feature Story awarded by the Association of British Science Writers (2011); 2010 Maggie Awards, Best Cover Winner Specialist Magazine; and Medical Journalists' Association, Medical Publication of the Year (2009).

The USA Science & Engineering Festival Team sincerely thanks New Scientist  for their participation

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