Ultimate Fighting Between Scientists of Note (The Movie)

Well, it looks like units of our Psyche Strainers are shipping robustly. So much so, that we are perhaps close to thinking about bankrolling a possible movie venture. In this respect, we're thinking specifically of adapting a screenplay from a previous SCQ piece called "WHO IS THE GREATEST SCIENTIST OF THEM ALL,", but having taken a lesson from the "Snakes on a Plane" phenomenon, we have decided to promote this venture as "SCIENTISTS DOING ULTIMATE FIGHTING."

Catchy right? And assuming the Pysche Strainers continue to do well, we figure we can raise enough funds to attract even the Hollywood elite. So who exactly, should play all these scientists of note?

Cue in MyHeritage.com, it's face recognition + celebrity match software, and this is what you get:


(Moving right from the top: Niels Bohr and Isaac Hansen; Henri Becquerel and Patrick Swayze; Marie Curie and Harrison Ford; Albert Einstein and Gabriel Bastistuta; Sydney Brenner and George Bush, Sr; Linus Pauling and Tobey McGuire; Erwin Schrodinger and Steve Jobs; Paul Ehrlich and John Cleese; Erbest Rutherford and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Gustav Hertz and John Cusack; Alexander Flemming and John Belushi; Michael Smith and Tim Allen; Fred Sanger and George Clooney; Robert Koch and Tom Cruise; Jim Watson and Julio Iglesias)

Unfortunately, no part for Samuel L. Jackson, but at least Harrison Ford is in it. Maybe we can even get him to wear a fedora - Ms. Curie looks like the sort who would wear a fedora.

Alright, now the interns have to find someone to write the screenplay. Here is how the piece starts anyway:

"Who is the greatest scientist of them all? With no objective way of comparing scientists from different disciplines and eras, the debate has raged for time immemorial leading to more than one disagreement, most notably the 1982 Falkland Islands war which began when Margaret Thatcher refused to even consider General Leopoldo Galtieri's claim that Jonas Salk was one bitchin' scientist.

Luckily modern society has produced the perfect measure of a scientist's greatness: the no holds barred cage match in which combatants are locked in a steel cage and exhorted by blood thirsty on-lookers to fight until only one remains standing. History's greatest mind has now been decided via a single elimination cage match tournament from which one undisputed champion has emerged bloody, unbeaten and victorious over 31 other aspiring savants."

Hollywood, here we come...

(with apologies to Michael)

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OH. Sorry. Never mind. The DI has ALREADY had it's day in Hollywood... Dumb & Dumber...