Farmers Do Social Networking Too: New Models in Sustainable Agriculture

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Here's something on sustainable agriculture: seeks to connect those who eat food with farms and gardens. Do you eat food? If so, this might be of interest to you.

The site showcases a featured farm, links to an Eat Well Guide, provides a forum for local growers and buyers to interact and arrange meetings, offers recipes, and allows farmers to tag members with foods that they grow and members to tag farmers with foods that they want.

Their premise follows from these basic definitions:

Farm - a farm, vineyard, PYO, Farmer's Market, CSA, a victory garden -- a local producer. All farms want foodies as friends


Foody - a customer, chef, everyone with a relationship to a farm and who wants to make friends with a farm or another foody. Once friendship is made, a foody receives bulletins that their farm friends post.

It started as a mid-Atlantic venture (one of the founders is from Hollins Farm in Delaplane, Virginia, where it's currently strawberry season). Since the network now has over 750 members, though, I presume it has expanded beyond those confines (or soon will).

In addition to the website itself, you can also read more here.

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Your FarmFoody post is a great example of social media use in agriculture and the potential to connect farms and communities that is just beginning to be realized. Another brand new social networking site for farms and communities that also allows users to get their own blogs is
Two years ago, most people didn't know what Twitter was, now it has millions of users. Imagine what the social media space will look like for farmers two years from now as more people in agriculture take advantage of these tools.

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