Simpsonian Science

I can't believe Dave didn't cross post this. Someone once gave him a hard time for linking to and across the SCQ and here, but, come on, Dave, this should've made the journey. From The Filter, here is a rundown of Science on the Simpsons, which, true, could be next year's TV on the Radio if given proper support from Pitchfork.


The 13 pics are matched to text at Filter, and I'll let you find them there.

But there are more that could fit into the collage, more Science on the Simpsons. These three links -- Nature, Seed, SNPP -- can help get you on your way to more. For example, where is Bart and his flying hamster science fair experiment or Skinner and his amateur astronomy? Plus, since I haven't really kept up with the last eight or ten seasons, I can't even imagine what else is missing from the list. And how come batman doesn't dance anymore...?

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Ned Flanders:
"Science is like a blabbermouth who ruins a movie by telling you how it ends. Well I say that there are some thing we don't wanna know -- important things!"

I should just clarify that Timon was the fine photoshopper responsible for putting together that Filter post.