Were you a good little boy or girl this year?

Ring in the holidays with yuletide logs... courtesy of the reindeer at the Miller Park Zoo. By combining two Christmas classics, reindeer and ornaments, and adding a twist - fecal matter - the zoo's marketing department may of stepped in retail gold!

In a nutshell, or a nugget if you will, keepers collected reindeer poop balls, rolled them in glitter, and allowed them to dry. The final product was then packaged in little boxes and sold with a certificate of authenticity, a move straight out of the Danbury Mint's playbook. Explains Susie Ohley, Marketing Director of the Miller Park Zoo, "Each one is unique. They are each a work of art." Hmmm.... I agree with half of that statement.

Shoppers are preportedly surprised at the size of the "gems," which are about as big as marbles."Reindeer are so big," said zoo maintenance worker Sheldon Williams. But the droppings are "just a big pile of small." That's a legit awesome quote by Sheldon.

Yes... those purplish things are what you think they are.
i-574211d60d9a196cf008a69a4e34df08-Christmas Tree Ornament Reindeer Poojpg
But these don't taste like Whitman's Samplers...

Thanks to Nick Van Der Horst for this nugget.

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I would totally be the coolest secular humanist in my group of friends if I had glittery reindeer turds hanging on my Secular Humanistmas tree.

Now if I could just get that papier mache smileodon tree topper together I could have a theme!

I'm not sure what I'm more disturbed by, the Danbury Mint reference or the fact that I actually understood the Danbury Mint reference.

Did you know that you used to have the desk next to a fellow Yalie of mine? Didja?