Thump Thump Cartography

As a fan of maps, typography, and anatomy, I think this is a pretty sweet mashup.


From via Street Anatomy.

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Michael Reedy's drawings are like 1980s Visual Man and Woman models plopped down in a half-excavated quarry of visual and literary allusions. He achieves a cut-paper, graphic feel by composing on superimposed planes, sort of like a stage set, with strategic uses of outlining and negative space.…
Delicious - and suprisingly convincing - x-ray images of animals with "skeletons" made of typography by Katerina Orlikova. Be sure to check out _Motion Picture, a running cat-like creature reminiscent of Eadweard James Muybridge's vintage motion photography. Via Street Anatomy.
Artist Jason Freeny asks us to suspend our disbelief for this mashup of two of my favorite things ever: anatomy and Lego. Surprisingly, after ripping the interchangeable heads and legs off hundreds of Lego people during my misspent youth, I find I can almost believe they *are* alive. You can…
Okay, so this apron by Aksel Varichon is awesome. Very fun. But what's with the oven mitt? If the premise of the apron is that we're seeing internal anatomy partially revealed on the wearer's body, doesn't the matching mitt imply that we have little hearts and kidneys in our wrists? The artist…

Would have been cooler if it had been done in that style where the letters are actually shaped to fit in the space they label, rather than needing outlines and stuff.

By Katherine (not verified) on 14 Jun 2009 #permalink