Woman attacked by polar bear (live footage)


There are nearly 7 billion human beings in the world, so I guess it shouldn't surprise us that there are adult women who decide to jump into a polar bear exhibit during feeding time. Right? When I saw this on CNN's front page one word that described the photo would be "compelling." If polar bears could talk.... (you can see some video here) This really needs to make it into a South Park episode in the future.

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I think it was rather nice of her to offer herself as a squeaking toy to some probably very bored polar bears.

police issued her a citation for trespassing.

And, let me guess, they put down the bear?

It looks like the bears were just poking at her a bit. They didn't seem committed to anything really attack-like although I guess the footage starts after the 1st round.

Well, she started it so the bear was only protecting its home. She's lucky the bear didn't own a shotgun.

Maybe she is bi-polar?

I blame Global Warming.

By bioIgnoramus (not verified) on 12 Apr 2009 #permalink

In all sincerity (really, no snark here), wasn't natural selection supposed to have taken care of this 20,000 years ago?

I wish it had killed her. I don't care if she's mentally ill or not, she put the bears and the keepers lives in danger and she should have died for it.

Probably a suicide attempt. She thought she would go out in glory and changed her mind when it HURT.

At least she didn't try suicide by cop, preceded by shooting a few people.

If the bear had killed her it might have been put down. One of the stories I read said that it was not the bear's fault and it would not be destroyed.
Some zoo visitors do really, really STOOPID things. I've seen parents balancing baby strollers on the railing over the tiger exhibit. A lot of money is spent planning installations to protect animals from the people and people from themselves. I read that this woman had to get past a lot of barriers to jump into the exhibit. Yeesh.

WHY are the HIDING the identity of this woman??!!

As far as the polar bears are concerned, this woman was a clumsy and slow-moving seal who invaded their territory. No seal in the wild would be foolhardy enough to do this intentionally.

If you climbed over my fence and jumped into my backyard, my dog would rush you, and perhaps attack. I haven't trained her to do this, but it is her territory, and she spends a fair amount of time patrolling the perimeter and marking her turf. It's natural for many animals to patrol and defend their territories, whether pristine wilderness or man-made enclosures. The polar bears are just better equipped to deal with intruders.

Maybe she is bi-polar?

barely ...

She needs to careful she might become dinner for that hungry polar bear....