The genetics of your kids; know thyself

Genetic Future says basically what I was going to say about report about genetic testing for abilities in China. Dan MacArthur notes:

Unlike a lot of commentators on this story, I've got nothing fundamentally against the idea of using genetics to make predictions about a child's future, and on guiding the activities a child engages in based on those predictions. Here's the thing, though: this only makes sense if the predictions are both accurate and relevant, and right now the predictions from genetics regarding complex traits are neither. Parents should save their money for more useful ways to enrich their children's lives.

For most traits we're interested in the best predictors are the parents.


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It seems reasonably perceptive parents could guide their kids to activities appropriate to their needs and talents and which will help them later in life. Besides kids will help you out by telling you what they are interested in, really they will.