Mollusc Magic

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The photographer writes: I love the pictures you have posted of the subway mosaics. Thought you might be interested to know that other forms of transportation (Boston's Logan Airport) have attempted their own such art. Well, not really -- these are not elaborate terrazzos, but simply floor tile designs -- but they are still fun. There are sea stars, eels, angler fish, whales, seahorses, and of course octopuses, squid, and cuttlefish.

Image: Digital Cuttlefish [wallpaper size].

Your pictures I truly adore
So, for your enjoyment, one more:
The cutest of all
Not a bird on a wall
But a cuttlefish, there on the floor!

-- Digital Cuttlefish

(reprinted here with permission)

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Sorry to be the arty-farty nit-picker, but that's terrazzo, not mosaic.
Think polished, poured concrete with pretty marble chips.
Still, beautiful stuff, Thanks for sharing it with us (both Grrl and DC).