Unique Spider Silk Tapestry on Exhibit at AMNH

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A spectacular and extremely rare textile, woven from golden-colored silk thread produced by more than one million spiders in Madagascar is now on display at the American Museum of Natural History in the Grand Gallery.

Drawing on the legacy of a French missionary, Jacob Paul Camboué, this contemporary textile measures 11 feet by 4 feet and took four years to make using a painstaking technique.

Hear from Dr. Ian Tattersall, Curator, Division of Anthropology at AMNH, as well as Nicholas Godley, co-creator and owner of the silk along with his partner Simon Peers as they discuss this rare work.

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That's amazing!

Spider webs don't last very long in nature, how long will this last?



By Michael Kmiotek (not verified) on 27 Sep 2009 #permalink

Very amazing!
Please correct your title. It is NOT a tapestry. It IS a textile, a shawl. Thanks you!