Space Junk

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Humans and garbage .. after you watch these videos, you'll ask yourself if humans can do anything -- even go into space -- without creating a huge trail of garbage? This space garbage is extremely dangerous, too. For example, 10-gram piece of debris can generate a collision force in space equal to the crash of a car traveling at 100 km per hour. Because of our trashy ways, it won't be long until space vehicles cannot leave earth because of the thickening belt of garbage circling planet.

The news story:

Or maybe you would prefer to just watch an animation that shows the build-up of space junk throughout the years around the planet:

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â The problem of space debris is not fully appreciated by allâ This comment is true and the reference to ALL includes ESA and NASA, who seem to be only concerned with the threat space debris poses to operational satellites in orbit Not only does space debris pose a threat to operational satellites in orbit, but actually causes much devastation here on Earth. It is just mot true that all space debris burns-up in its re-entry passage through our atmosphere, quite a big amount survives friction and impacts our planet at random everyday and with devastating results. Take for example Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, where we see the damage and deaths it causes on a regular basis, to which the authorities place the blame for the explosions on suicide or roadside bombs. I have now spent over twenty years trying to bring this into the public domain. You are invited to visit my website.
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