Extreme ice loss time-lapse video

I found this from a comment on a Skeptical Science article (worth a read in its own right) and thought readers here might be impressed.

It is from a TED talk by James Balog who has been creating fascinating and awe inspiring time-lapse videos of calving glaciers. The whole talk is about 20 minutes and worth listening to, if you must you can jump ahead to around the 9th minute when the set-up ends and the visuals begin:

Of course, the whole thing could have been cooked up by Phil Jones and CRU, with help from the NASA moon-landing fakers...

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Appreciate Mr Balog's ardent concern regarding glaciers, though his citing the Columbia Glacier as indicative of glacial recession due to warming is not a one. Glaciers, such as the Columbia and other highly erosive wet glaciers that extend into sea-water through a deep fjords,have an extra level of complexity to their behaviors. They advance and recede based on the dynamic interaction of their snout, its sedimentary load, the state of its terminal moraine,the topography of its fjord, and the nose's exposure to salt-water and its currents. The Columbia, like many of the tide-water glaciers along the temperate coast of Southeast Alaska has cycled through inter-stadial advances and retreats several times since the end of the last ice age.
He does make extra points for illustrating how almost incomparable to our human sense of scale things like the size of glacier's face really is. Beautiful things, glaciers.