A flash of good cheer

(with seasonal gratuity to Eli Rabbet)

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Eli Rabbet has a great summary of the recent Monckton-APS kafuffle. As this is sure to echo "longly and loudly" in the denier's circle I will add an article tomorrow into the How to talk to a climate sceptic guide. --ahem-- Eli, care to update your blogroll with my "new" URL? Pretty please? I…
As with In It for the Gold, Eli Rabbet's Rabbet Run is another quality blog that can't be just marked as read. So I have no other option but to settle down for a bit of focused reading and catch up on Eli's latest 19 posts! (Eli, if you are reading this, you might want to update my entry in your…
Save the planet! Ditch your flatscreen TV! Or so the breathless Telegraph would have us believe. But they got one thing wrong: all of it. Eli Rabbet has the very gory, very detailed details.
As Eli Rabbet is noting, Anthony Watts is really unraveling, even further than we noted here a couple of days ago.  So, I just have to post the video below, picked up from Denial Depot.  I swear, I am NOT calling Watts Hitler, not even a Nazi, it is just pretty funny!

And have a great solstice and a happy hogmanay to everyone.

solstice is long over, you uneducated idiot

2013 will be a terrible year for warmists and co2 pagans. they will bite their knuckles of anger about record cold temperatures.


like all other "prophets'" and "seers'", kai's prediction will fall utterly short of reality.

2013 will be another year that shows how idiotic all those climate deniers are. 2012 saw a lot of it, 2013 will bring even more of that to the surface. (BTW, this is NOT a prediction, it is just a consequence of adding up all the facts.)

Happy 14th b'ak'tun, and solstice, merry Xmas from the record cold of +7°C (47°F) :P

By wereatheist (not verified) on 24 Dec 2012 #permalink

Unit conversion error: it's only 45°F here.

By wereatheist (not verified) on 24 Dec 2012 #permalink

surfacestations.org shows that of 1007 of 1221 temperature measurement stations in the ushcn database used for mean temperature calculations (global, usa) over 90% give values at least 1 degree celsius wrong:

hahahahaha, this is world class science of great consensus on climate change, hahahahaha. the climate idiots cannot even measure temperature correctly. every fool could do it, but not a climate scientist.

for 2013 i want all climate scientists to undergo lessons on how to measure temperatures correctly


surfacestations has a link to that fraudster Anthony Watts, so it is a fraudulent site itself.

And that kai has once again fallen into their pit of fraud, deception and lies.

Hahahahaha :-)