Entomological Society of America 2009 Meeting

The annual Entomological Society of America meeting is next week (Dec 13-16) in Indianapolis.  I'm giving two presentations- one on Pheidole and one on Heterospilus- that the sadistic conference organizers scheduled for the very last day when no one is around.   So if you are attending and happen to miss your flight out, consider heading back to the conference center to catch my talks.

The 2009 meeting will be a good one for we social insect people.  I am especially looking forward to the Hoelldobler & Wilson symposium, but the rest of the program is packed with goodies.

Also.  Apparently, we bug bloggers are supposed to dress like Princess Leia so that people recognize us.

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Thank goodness I am not a bug blogger!

By Joshua King (not verified) on 07 Dec 2009 #permalink

Look out for 'Ant Ecology' at the Oxford University Press book stand! Your pictures look fabulous :-)