More Adult Politicians, Please

I've never thought of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. I haven't had to, since I don't live in The City, so about all I remember about him is that his choice of party back when he was first running seemed awfully opportunistic. I was really impressed with his appearance on the Daily Show this week:

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This is about the best response to the endless mosque nonsense that I've seen from an elected official. Granted, he's not facing re-election any time soon, but his calm and no-nonsense approach to the whole pseudo-issue is something I wish we had more of.

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He's about the only one who's had a rational response (I would say Obama also, until he backpedaled). Hysteria over some non-issue like this is expected from the loony right, but it's disappointing that something like 60% of the country is agreeing with them.

But he's a New Yorker! What does he know about Real™ Americans?

That is, indeed, a good speech on the subject. Also, a good reminder of why you shouldn't read comments on YouTube videos. Yeesh.