Now THAT'S a Noble Cause: Restoring Truthiness

Via Tom, the folks pushing for a Stephen Colbert rally on the Mall in DC (because if a clown like Glen Beck can do it, why not an actual comedian?) have found a uniquely useful way to try to boost their signal: encouraging charitable donations:

See, anyone can join a reddit or Facebook group or sign a petition. It takes, like, one minute and doesn't demonstrate much effort. So the rally movement has been looking for ways to show that they're serious, that they're willing to lift a finger to make this happen. And an idea has just been hatched: pony up some cash to one of Stephen's favorite charities.

Stephen Colbert is a board member of a non-profit called It's a place where schoolteachers can make a request for the supplies they need and aren't getting. As the name suggests, donors get to choose which specific teacher they want to support (lazy donors can just let the charity decide). If "Restore Truthiness" can raise a large sum of money, it will be a fantastic show of strength. And even if it fails as a publicity stunt, it'll still make a difference in our world.

Their donation page is approaching $90,000 at the moment, after less than a day (they also have an amusing entry page, if you don't mind the extra click). Normally, I'd save hyping DonorsChoose until the ScienceBlogs fundraiser in October, but this is too good not to promote. If you think this is an amusing idea, or would just like to help public school kids, throw them a few bucks.

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They have given over $101,010 (their stated goal) at this point, less than 24 hours into the campaign as far as I can see.

Damn, that's impressive.

Why $101,010? Because 101010 is 42 in binary?!?

[...looking at the website...]

Apparently, yes.

By Peter Lund (not verified) on 18 Sep 2010 #permalink