How to Teach Physics to Your Dog Around the World

Between my long-ago high-school French and Google Translate, I can tell that this is a good review of How to Teach Physics to Your Dog. It does note, though, that reading the book requires knowledge of English to understand it, which is a problem. And, as far as I know, French translation rights haven't been sold yet... French publishers, je vous regarde.

In other foreign-edition news, we've sold German and Turkish rights, so there will be editions in those languages eventually. Emmy was very happy to hear that the book will be published in Turkey, though that was mostly a case of preposition confusion. She originally thought that it was going to be published on turkey, and she's always wanted an edible edition.

Regarding editions that are out, word from the UK is that the UK edition is selling very nicely. The vanity search keeps turning it up in a sidebar widget listing top sellers in the Guardian Bookshop, which is a kick. British leftists love talking dogs and physics.

Progress on the next book is not exactly linear. Chapter 4 turned out to be a little too dense, and has spawned off a new Chapter 6, while Chapter 5 currently consists of only dog dialogue. I know how it's all going to fit together in the end, but finding the time to fit it together is a little difficult.

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I absolutely love that this book makes physics so simple to grasp.