How to Teach Quantum Physics to Your Dog in the Times

The Times Higher Education magazine in the UK, that is. They ran a review of my book a couple of weeks ago, which I've only just noticed:

The approach is quite entertaining. The tone of the book is chatty and contains some truly awful puns involving dogs, which, if you can stand them, make it an attractive and lively read. However, don't be fooled - Emmy is no ordinary dog. She can reason with the informed leaps one may expect from a physics undergraduate, despite peppering her conversation with "squirrel", "bunny" and "chase".

If you're in the UK, the edition the review refers to is on sale now, and apparently selling well in W.H. Smith's stores all over, and via the usual Internet sources. If you're in the US, the title is one word shorter, and has also gotten a recent nice review. It's available in hardcover right now, and the paperback version will be out in just over a month (Amazon says December 7th). It makes an excellent holiday gift for whatever holiday may be coming up that you celebrate...

(I really wonder about Google sometimes. I have Google news alerts for my name, and the title of the book, and they turn up lots of stuff. And yet, I end up finding major items like this only when the vanity search coughs up somebody else linking to it, two weeks after the review went up.)

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