Looking Inside the Brain


Photo Credit: Herederos de Santiago Ramón y Cajal

Recently, ScienceBlogger Mo Costandi of Neurophilosophy penned a photo essay for MIT's Technology Review magazine, taking readers on a visual tour of the history of brain imaging, from the first Purkinje cells viewed through a light microscope to fluorescently tagged neurons in "Brainbow" mice showing the connections between the different cells.

The collection is an illuminating look at how far neuroscience has come in the last 100 years, and how new technologies have enabled us to better understand the intricate architecture of our brains. Check out the full essay at Technology Review, and read Mo's write-up on Neurophilosophy.

One more pic below the fold...


Photo Credit: Alanna Watt and Michael Häusser, UCL

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Technology has certainly helped, but those pictures from over 100 years ago still have some amazing detail.