Map That Campus XXXV

A special one this week:


Hint: Map That Campus L?

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Hmmm... Large flat areas. Roads look new, and no football stadium visable, but I see baseball diamond, and softball fields. I was thinking some school in Iowa, Nebraska, KS or some other god forsaken area of the midwest, (Hell-like, from the hint...) but all those places have football stadiums...

Dunno, but still thinking Midwest somewhere.

What you REALLY need to show is a world-class university, right next to a large lake, close to a major city in the midwest. Somewhere that the student athlete's never have to worry about missing final exams during March... Now THAT would be an excellent campus!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Correct the answer is UMM!
University of Minnesota, Morris, clearly in the summer.
Happy birthday PZ!

Okay, it is UMN - Morris but for the life of me I can't figure out why this made the cut for scientific relevance. I did some Googling, to no effect, and I found this great quote "...has published widely, including articles in Scientific American..." which is just funny. Hm, I think I have the wrong target audience for my pubs.

Okay, further Googling seems that this link is a nod to a fellow blogger. That is cool. As my man Ali G would say, respect (followed by hand gestures).

Hey! Googling is against the rules!

Since we are playing by the rules I would like to submit my answer:

The University of Minnesota, Morris.

Note that I spelled out the full name, unlike some. I did not Google or use any other web-based algorithm to solve the puzzle. How did I do it? If you look real close you can see PZ Myers running into the cornfield on the upper-right-hand side. He must have been chasing some cephalopod escapee ...

By Acme Scientist (not verified) on 09 Mar 2007 #permalink

aww....even if I had spent hours thinking about this one, or trying to find clues, I would never have guessed UMM (PZ or no PZ).

No fair.