Locavores go iPhone

Add this to the list from my prior post: a Locavore app from Enjoymentland, available at the iTunes store. Local agricultural advocates are already using social networking and building virtual marketplaces and identifying market and farm sites nationwide. This feature extends the connection between on-line consumer practices and local food advocacy. Two of my students bought it and are giving it a test run. I'll try to get an update a few weeks into this Spring season.


According to the guy at Enjoymentland who made the app, the iPhone feature does this:

* Automatically detects which state you're in (currently only covers the US)
* Food that's in season near you
* Food that's coming in season near you soon
* Farmers' markets near you
* Browse all 234 fruits and vegetables to see where it is currently growing
* Links to Wikipedia articles and Epicurious recipes from each food detail page
* Browse all 50 states to see what's in season in other parts of the US

It apparently connects to websites like Local Harvest and the NRDC to do this.

Certainly a different technology-nature example than I usually deal with.

So, Hawaiian papayas? No. West Virginian mushrooms? Yes.

Note: This post was revised to clarify the point commenter Scott makes below (the difference between the original post and this one being my new found awareness of what an "app" actually is).

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I don't really want to be pedantic, but it isn't Apple that is selling this app. It's an app in the Apple store. The Enjoymentland site you mentioned are the producers and sellers of the app. May seem like a silly distinction, but I think the Enjoymentland guy should get the credit, not just a mention as if he is reviewing it.

In any case, this looks very cool and thanks for pointing it out.

(I am in no way related to the Enjoymentland site or product - in fact I heard about it here)