"High as a kite" wallabies to blame for Tasmanian crop circles

This may be the best BBC story EVER. Seriously:

Australian wallabies are eating opium poppies and creating crop circles as they hop around "as high as a kite", a government official has said.

"We have a problem with wallabies entering poppy fields, getting as high as a kite and going around in circles," Lara Giddings told the hearing.

"Then they crash," she added. "We see crop circles in the poppy industry from wallabies that are high."

I have nothing to add. At a complete loss here. I can't even come up with a bad pun.

PS - Oops, I forgot to say this was courtesy of reader Jake! Thanks Jake :)

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tee hee hee

Tie me kangaroo down, sport. And then some.

The comments on the BBC piece are hilarious too! -> How's 'Trippy Skippy' for a bad pun?

By Jan-Maarten (not verified) on 25 Jun 2009 #permalink