CCW - Hollywood does climate change

More entertaining than informative, greenman's latest Crock of the Week surveys the history of climate change in the movies!

Gotta dust off those old Mad Max VHS tapes again...

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I think Mr Sinclair is on to something here. We need a narrative that can catch the imagination and provide good information. An attempt to tell a single story of what climate change will bring will of course have inaccuracies (so I don't blame the older movies too much for being wrong in that way, but why are the more recent ones further from the truth?). The challenge will be (and probably always has been) how to engagingly tell a long story that occurs across generations with slow impacts. Maybe the story has to be told anthropomorphically from a tortoise's or tree's or sturgeon's point of view. If it can't be told with a protagonist living/struggling through it, then the climate change aspect of the story will always be merely background.

P.S. My favorite is "Delicatessen". I'm going to watch the Canadian film "Last Night" (apparently there's something wrong with the Sun?) this weekend. I thought Dennis Quaid was good in "The Right Stuff" (not a climate disaster movie).