"Double Whammy" from Climate Crocks

Climate Crocks has a new video out about Sandy and the unusual weather patterns that allowed its formation.



Good stuff!

All the pundit chatter and the Bloomberg news coming out on the side of reality does give one hope that from the ashes of Battery Point climate change mitigation policy might rise.  I do however recall the same attention and promise after the Hurricane Katrina debacle, and well, we all know how far that got us.

Hope springs eternal, but also "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice..."

Who thinks Sandy and its warning will stick?


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In six months most Americans are fully occupied with their daily worries, Sandy is in a distant past and a few million has been spent on misinformation ads.

Prediction: American's will not take a different course on climate change. I.e. on federal level R's and D's are still entrenched, politicians are still dependent on their big-corporate campaign donors, so any progress will have to be made locally by grassroots movements.

Onwards! (to the next disaster)

It will have severely damaged the denial industry because it is affecting the capitol where all the echo voices insisting AGW is false are getting heard.

Most people in the USA DO accept that more needs to be done to combat AGW.

But the echo chamber where all the bloody politicians live doesn't get to hear what most people say, they get to hear what monied access says.

And they have beachfront property in NY state.

Given these deniers insist that it wasn't a hurricane and isn't unusual, I hope they are identified and refused aid for a catastrophe they insist never happened.

if obama is reelected nothing will change: i.e. ipcc may further cheat the world about faked agw, but the us government and congress will not take note or any action: bravo!

if romney becomes president then the ipcc will be abolished and climate criminals imprisoned and wow, mandas and other climate hysterics shamefully disappear in silence: bravo, bravo

@Wow: More importantly, it hit New York City, where the financial and media elites of the US are mostly based. These are people who heretofore could afford to be indifferent, but not anymore. They know people who lost electricity (and perhaps a lot more), even if they themselves did not. And they are the folks with the best chance of swaying Congress.

The insurance industry has been worried about global warming for years--understandably so, since they are the ones who are paying out for this disaster. They can now tell their friends on Wall Street (and yes, the Hamptons too), "I told you so."

By Eric Lund (not verified) on 06 Nov 2012 #permalink

Well, at least until they get a government cheque to build their palaces on stilts.

That, of course, will be rushed through and cancelled *just* before it gets to anyone else.

Eric Lund has a good point. Unfortunately, we live in a country where problems can only be considered once they affect the 0.1%. Well, we can still vote (please do so, if you didn't yet).

Eh... never? ;-)

The only lesson from Sandy is that history repeats itself. Hurricanes happen. Nice try though.

They happen for a reason, though.

Even if you think the reason is "God Is Angry".

So you ask "Why is God Angry?" then you do something to make "God Not Angry".

In this real life universe, AGW is why this one-in-a-lifetime event has happened twice in two years.

The climate for NY state has changed. Climate Change. Caused by human's pissing about in it.


Nice try thoug.

Wow, Wow... Looks like you're the kinda person who draws a dollar's worth of conclusions from a nickle's worth of evidence. Two events in NYC does not a trend make. My understanding is that there is no significant trend in USA landfalling hurricane frequency or intensity.

I don't want to be overly dismissive though. For example, it would be interesting to see a study of hurricane events north of Cape Hatteras. The last ten years up here in Nova Scotia have seemed unusually busy and I think Newfoundland has been hit by a couple of Cat 1's recently. Maybe there is a long term trend in mid-latitude hurricanes. Here's my incomplete list of tropical events over the last 10 years here in Nova Scotia:

2003: Juan (borderline cat 2, direct hit on Halifax, lots of damage)
2006: Beryl (trop storm)
2007: Noel (powerful post-tropical November storm)
2008: Kyle (cat 1)
2009: Bill (cat 1 - just nicked the coast)
2010: Earl (cat 1)

So is there a long term trend in landfalling hurricanes north of Cape Hatteras? I think the answer is possibly yes, but I'll wait to see the study.

That's rather an amusing assertion coming from you, denier.

There is a long term trend.

You seem to only know the years. Where is the month?

You do know that hurricane season, like other seasons, have a normal month range, right? You don't get summer in march.

And the hurricane season, like the four seasons of temperate CLIMES (root: climate), is changing.

Climate change.

Changing climate. To warmer.


Nice try at delaying, but you're putting millions of lives and livelihoods at risk because you're a stupid little teabagger who can do no better than as he's programmed to do.

wow: "you’re putting millions of lives and livelihoods at risk"??

ah, you mean the roughly 20 millions of the UNEP estimation for 2010 which they have shamefully withdrawn from the web and are now hoping for 2020

it's always the same with you and your deprived agw church members: big foul mouth but no substance: no temperature increases, to sea level rises, you poor pig


Maybe you're thinking of the fake 85 million neo-cons pretend were killed by the nonexistent ban on DDT.