Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Zut alors! This blog seems to have developed a following of Frenchmen. The shame of it is, I studied French for 5 years in High School and don't remember a word of it.

The French ant-enthusiast forum Acideformik looks like a fine place to hang out on the intra-webs. Most online myrmecology forums are populated by 12 year-olds relating their experiences fighting red and black ants, or trying to trade in their allowance to import a colony of exotic bulldog ants (to kick the butts of both red and black ants, I gather). However, the French are over there having book discussions and contemplating the finer points of petiolar morphology. I'm jealous.

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Unfortunately we have some of these teenagers in France too...

We expect a lot of this blog. In fact, we hope that you will share some of your macrophoto tricks ...


Thanks for your comments concerning us.

Hugo still believe in the Father Christmas:=)

Bonne continuation pour votre blog que nous suivrons avec grand intérêt!

Merci! I'm currently working on a couple of posts about photo technique that will be posted in the the next week or so, I think.

I'm very pleased to see that an excellent photographer and macro-world specialist has a good opinion of the forum wich one I am member.

As Hugo and k2r said, we look forward your macrophoto tips ! Even if I unfortunatly, I will probably never be able to make such fabulous insect portraits...

Most importantly, please don't stop photographing ! It is always a high pleasure for me to discover your artwork.

One more time, congratulations.