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Via GTDA comes this mesmerizing time lapse video demonstrating the efficiency of ant recruitment:

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You may know Michel Gondry as the director of off-beat films like "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". Gondry has also made a great number of music videos, including this mesmerizing time lapse of a cross-country drive: music is "Behind" by Lacquer
Two seemingly contradictory trends characterize brain development during childhood and adolescence: Diffuse to focal: a shift from relatively diffuse recruitment of neural regions to more focal and specific patterns of activity, whether in terms of the number of regions recruited, or the magnitude…
This is just cool. No behavior, no cognition, no neuroscience. Just animal awesomeness. Amazing time-lapse video of a twelve-foot spider crab molting. Watch til the end. From Neatorama, via @kzelnio (of Deep Sea News)
If this luminous, high-definition, time-lapse film of Arctic skies and seas by Norwegian photographer TSO (Terje Sorgjerd) doesn't vaporize your stress in under three minutes, I don't know what will. Be sure to click the video controls to view full-screen - this one is worth it. Via Andrew…

That was amazing! Score another one for the spineless! Remind me to never lay down passed out and drunk near an ant nest...

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