"Perpetual Ocean" from NASA

Here is a pretty awesome video from NASA showing a 3D earth view of global ocean currents as they were from June 2005 to December 2007.  It is fascinating to watch the behavior of both large and small features and how they interact.  Notable for neighbors of the Atlantic ocean is the Gulf Stream bringing warm water from the Gulf of Mexico area north and east to keep the Queen warm in winter, and notable for the Antarctic ice sheets is the relative isolation, in terms of mixing, of the Southern Ocean and the Antarctic climate in general.


It is constructed with a combination of observed and model derived data, to wit:

the particular model-data synthesis used for this visualization, only the larger, ocean basin-wide scales have been adjusted to fit observations. Smaller-scale ocean currents are free to evolve on their own according to the computer model's equations. Due to the limited resolution of this particular model, only the larger eddies are represented, and tend to look more 'perfect' than they are in real life. Despite these model limitations, the visualization offers a realistic study in both the order and the chaos of the circulating waters that populate Earth’s ocean.

There is a 20 minute long version that someone else put up on youtube here.  Various versions are available for download from NASA's website here.

Of course, the truly amazing thing is how these folks at NASA can simultaneously achieve impressive computerized descriptions of observable reality and still maintain the fraudulent and frightening predictions of global climate change necessary to bring about the New World Order.   Talk about patting heads (ours) and rubbing tummies (theirs) at the same time!

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Great find! I'll be sharing it on my blog (bioforthewin.com) with thanks to you!

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