How to Have My Dog Teach You Physics

"Hey, dude," the dog says, looking concerned. "We need to talk."


"Yeah? What's up?"

"Look, it's great that you're transcribing the human puppy's stories into Twitter and all, but I'm feeling left out. I've got my own Twitter account and all, but you hardly ever type any of my tweets any more. I have to do it myself, and it's hard to be witty when you have to type with your nose."

"I'm sorry. Is there something specific you'd like to tweet about?"

"Well, yeah," she says, in a tone like I've said something stupid. "I mean, obviously, we have a new book about relativity. And look at this picture-- we're in a cool physics lab! I want to tweet about physics!"

"OK, we can do that. Anything specific you have in mind?"

"Ummmm... no. But I bet somebody else could come up with physics things for me to talk about, if you asked them..."


Which is how we got to here. So, here's the deal: If you're on Twitter, ask a physics question of Emmy using either her Twitter name (@queen_emmy) or the hashtag #dogphysics, and she'll answer. Ever wondered how a dog would explain general relativity? The second law of thermodynamics? Why cats land on their feet, even when you chase them off a high place really fast? Ask your question, and I'll give you her response.

(This ought to be good for a few hours of procrastinatory activity, at least...)

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